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Clippard Responds to COVID-19 Demands

Clippard, a Cincinnati company that manufactures pneumatic products, is expediting the production and supplying of components and subassemblies for ventilators, diagnostic equipment, and other devices needed to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the unique demands increase, Clippard is adding 50 to 75 employees over the next few weeks, the company said in an April 1 press release. Across the first quarter of 2020, the statement said, the company has maintained a 98% on-time delivery record. As order demands increase, the company said it is adding staff, work cells and additional support personnel to manage what it termed “Covid-response requests.”

Internally, Clippard said it continues to prioritize employee health as the company increases its capacity and staffing levels. The company said it is adhering to guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by maintaining a clean environment with appropriate social distancing throughout its facilities in Cincinnati and Fairfield, Ohio.

“Ultimately, it is an individual’s habits and decisions that not only keep themselves safe and healthy but also those around them,” the company said in the statement.

Clippard expressed pride in the willingness of its staff to “do their part.” The company extolled its supply-chain network and its ability to step up efforts to meet demand. It signified its appreciation of the government’s efforts to streamline processes and support business in a time of crisis.

“Clippard continues to fully support their customers as they always have through these tough times,” the company said.

“Clippard is truly blessed to have a team of such dedicated employees that support and respect each other,” Rob Clippard, chief marketing officer said in the press release. Bill Clippard, company president, said the company is “committed to being part of the solution in any way we can.”

For more information, visit www.clippard.com or call 877-245-6247.

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