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Danfoss Launches Hydraulic Tube Machine

Danfoss Power Solutions, a supplier of mobile and industrial hydraulics and electric powertrain systems, has launched its WalformConnect tube-forming machine.

With an array of digital features, data tracking, and cloud connectivity, the WalformConnect machine enables simple and safe hydraulic tube forming within the Walform system – a leading cold forming metric tube-fitting system – driving reliable performance and optimized production processes.

Designed to help customers ensure correct forming of high-performance hydraulic tubes, the WalformConnect machine features an array of digital capabilities and connectivity options. The new machine reduces the risk of assembly errors with a barcode scanner that verifies the correct tooling. In addition, the machine automatically indicates the compatible clamping jaw part number and tube parameters.

The WalformConnect machine enables in-depth production monitoring by capturing a range of real-time data, such as cycle times, machine temperature, and tool clamping status. Operators and supervisors can easily access information on what proportion of a production lot is complete, the cycle time per order, and more. The ability to monitor multiple machines in the cloud enables easier operational planning. In addition, historical production data and information on past orders can be saved on an individual machine or in the cloud, enabling easy local or remote analysis to further improve production. The machine can be fully integrated into a customer’s manufacturing process, allowing for paperless production with orders sent directly from an enterprise resource planning system.

To maximize WalformConnect machine uptime, real-time monitoring provides maintenance teams with information to support error resolution, while remote software updates and failure analysis further reduce the risk of production delays.

The WalformConnect machine enables easy and safe forming of steel and stainless steel tubing in sizes of 6-42 mm. The Walform system is widely used in demanding industry applications including agriculture, construction, manufacturing, transport, and oil and gas.

To learn more, visit Danfoss Waltech and www.danfoss.com.

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