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Des-Case Adds Remote Diagnostic Monitoring

Des-Case, a manufacturer of specialty filtration products for industrial lubricants, recently announced the addition of an IIoT full-service remote diagnostic monitoring solution to help protect industrial assets from lubrication-related failures.

The WeMonitor package offers a bundling of solutions for one monthly price. The new remote diagnostic subscription plan for industrial lubricated assets allows real-time monitoring of the health, cleanliness, and humidity of lubricants inside their critical assets by a team of experts. Additional sensors per asset can easily be added on to the package to monitor an array of lubricant conditions.

The new IsoLogic platform and app provide enhanced features and functionality, most notably the ability in the platform to quickly view asset status across the plant or multiple locations, lubricant condition status, connectivity status, and multilayer trend analysis per sensor per asset. Email alerts notify the customer when an alarm or warning goes off, followed up with a call to provide diagnostic instructions and actions from a lubrication expert. Monthly, quarterly and annual reports and presentations are provided to help show ROI, report on asset trends and deliver lubrication best practices advice for a holistic and sustainable program.

For more information, visit www.descase.com/.

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