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Dinkle Connectors for High-Density Wire Splicing

Dinkle Connectors for High-Density Wire Splicing

Dinkle International recently announced additions to their 0229 Series portfolio of connectors, used to provide pluggable connectivity between wires for inline splicing and from wires to PCBs.

These connectors are compactly designed for installation in constrained spaces and are available in mating plug designs with various pin counts of up to 40 poles. They are suitable for making high-density connections and I/O wiring connections to controllers. The standard configuration is for inline splicing, while other configurations allow affixing the connector to a surface with screw flanges, self-locking tabs, or lock-and-release levers. Easily operated flange latch designs ensure user-friendly and reliable connector mating.

The connectors work with wire sizes from 28AWG to 14AWG solid or stranded conductor. Because the connectors use push-in springs, wires or wires with ferrules can be directly inserted into the connector for tool-free installation. In addition, Dinkle’s exclusive spring cage is easily and conveniently operated using press-to-release tabs, so users can quickly install and remove any solid or stranded wires as needed without tools, saving 65% of the operating space compared with lever-actuated designs. A release tool is available for rapid and efficient insertion and release of multiple wires, providing improved serviceability. This exclusive push-in design delivers up to a 60% wiring time saving compared with traditional screw-based methods.

Contact surfaces are wide, ensuring reliable operation at up to 300V and 12A (UL). The connectors are UL 1059 and IEC 61984 compliant.

All Dinkle connector products support Industry 4.0 by helping users create solutions for connecting power, networking, and communications to support increasingly complex equipment and automation solutions.

For more information, visit www.dinkle.com/en/.

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