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Norstat Sensor Suited for Hydraulic Circuits

Norstat now offers an industrial pressure transducer for hydraulic and other applications.

The P-Trace industrial pressure transducer from M-P Sensors is ideally suited for a range of applications, including monitoring the pressure in hydraulic circuits, confirming the coolant supply in thermal processes, and determining the process pressure in industrial plants.

This ultracompact transducer has the unique ability to measure liquid, gaseous, or viscous fluids from 0 to 600 bar. The high degree of accuracy and short response time are guaranteed by the strength and durability of a high-quality ceramic measuring element. The compact (33 mm long), stainless steel housing is connected via an M12 four-pole plug connection, has one analog output
(0-10V, 1-10V, or 4-20Ma), and has a 0.5% FSO accuracy.

The P-Trace has a protection rating of IP 67, making it ideal for continuous industrial operation or applications where harsh conditions may exist.

For more information, call (973) 586-2500 or visit www.norstat.com.

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