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AW-Lake EDGE Flow Transmitters Interface from a Smartphone

AW-Lake recently introduced its EDGE family of flow electronics that interface with positive displacement or turbine flow meters – in some cases from a smartphone.

When installed on a flow meter, the EDGE electronics can force the sensor to output a frequency or analog signal output for greater flexibility when interfacing with readout equipment or control rooms. Modbus output also adds system compatibility for more advanced operations.

A Bluetooth mobile application supports signal processing, allowing users to monitor and program flow meters from a smartphone that serves as a hand-held display.  Mobile and PC-based applications streamline installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. With basic scaling and advanced functions, the user-friendly application allows for remote correction of nonlinear flow meters to keep a linear analog output. 

The EDGE family of flow transmitters includes an EDGE FAC-R frequency-to-analog converter.  This DIN panel-mount converter changes a basic mechanical meter into a smart sensor.  An economical alternative to a PLC card, the EDGE converter changes sensor frequency to current and voltage analog outputs for use in process monitoring, data acquisition, and virtually any application needing to send an analog signal to a PLC.

A local-mount EDGE flow sensor easily installs on flow meters to provide a frequency, current, or analog signal for greater process flexibility. The mobile application also supports basic scaling and advanced functions, reacting when conditions go out-of-tolerance to help control processes.

Battery, loop, or DC-powered, the transmitter provides a local six-digital LCD display of flow rate or total.  Bluetooth connectivity enables operators to view readings and adjust rate, total, reset, sloop mode, or time on a smart device.

For more information, visit www.aw-lake.com.

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