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Doppstadt Launches Shredder for Small Loads

In May, Germany company Doppstadt planned to launch the Methor, a slow-speed shredder specifically developed for handling small-volume flows, particular batches or materials that change frequently.  

The Methor’s modular design allows operators to respond quickly to changing challenges, the company said in a press release. Every machine is built on the basis of a modular system, which starts with the drive. By default, customers have the option to choose between a diesel engine or an electric motor. It is also possible to get a variation without its own drive system, since the drive train can also be connected to an external engine. Depending on the operating conditions, the Methor can be equipped with a hook lift or with a tracked chassis, allowing it to move independently. The shredding mechanism is also available as a stand-alone component for stationary use.

Doppstadt said the Methor is the only single-shaft shredder in its class with bolt-on tools – and at the same time the system with the largest selection of tools. Shafts are available with different tooth sizes in S, M, L or XL. It can be retrofitted within 60 minutes. To ensure process reliability even with the Methor’s relatively small shredding chamber, the shaft has been installed horizontally. By doing so, the material is discharged in the conveying direction of the belt. 

Another highlight of the new Methor is its HydraulicDirect Drive. This hydraulic drive continuously adapts the shredding system’s performance to demand. The load torque on the drive is continuously optimized, positively impacting consumption and wear and tear. If the pump pressure increases suddenly as a result of a blockage, the drive automatically switches to the reversing program to protect the Methor from damage. The load-sensing Smart Hopper material feed works closely together with the HydraulicDirect Drive, using the pump pressure of the drive to control the angle of the feed hopper and allowing the Methor to be loaded in relation to the machine’s current load. 

For high-performance process chains, the Methor can be optimally combined with, for example, the Airflex 1500 air-based separator, the Flex 518 trommel screen or the Selector 400 with the SWS spiral shaft screening deck. The Methor can be used in very different work environments. 

In addition to using its intuitive control panel, key functions can be activated with a wireless remote control. The Methor can also be used to set up a WiFi hotspot, allowing it to be configured and monitored using any browser installed on an internet-enabled device.

For more information, visit www.doppstadt.de

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