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Eaton Adds Higher Volume Fluid Purifier

To increase the reliability, service life, and efficiency of hydraulic systems, Eaton’s filtration division recently added a higher volume flow rate system to its IFPM series of fully automated, PLC-controlled mobile offline fluid purifiers.

Complementing the IFPM 33, which has a flow rate of 8 gpm (30 lpm), the new IFPM 73 has a flow rate of 20 gpm (70 lpm) for purifying oils stored in large tanks and reservoirs. The system quickly and efficiently removes free and dissolved water and gases, and particulate contamination down to 3 µm for fluids from light transformer oils to heavy lubricating oils for applications such as hydroelectric power, pulp and paper, and offshore and marine.

The IFPM vacuum evaporation technology removes the free water and the water dissolved in the oil. By comparison, only free water can be removed in other oil dewatering technologies, such as absorption elements or separators. Following the dewatering stage, the IFPM fluid purifier system uses NR630 series filter elements, which meet DIN 24550-4 standards, to remove fine particulate contaminants down to 3 µm. Eaton filter elements are known for their high intrinsic stability, excellent filtration capability, high dirt-holding capacity, and long service life.

The environmentally friendly IFPM fluid purifier system combines high water-separation rates with efficient energy use. The purifier extends oil life, thereby reducing downtime, disposal fees, maintenance costs, and component wear. Start-up and operation are simple via a user-friendly 5.7-inch touchscreen PLC. The control panel has an Ethernet connection for remote control and monitoring. There is also a USB interface to facilitate the manual transfer of data for further analysis.

“By shedding 130 kg (286 pounds) of weight from the previous model, the IFPM 73 is one of the lightest and most compact purifiers in its volume flow rate class on the market today,” Eric Rud, Global Product Manager at Eaton’s Filtration Division, said in a press release. “The reduced size and weight of the system enables the service and maintenance team to easily and safely manoeuvre the system in tight spaces.”

For more information, visit www.eaton.com/us/en-us/catalog/filters-strainers/IFPM-73.html.



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