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Eaton Expands Its Range of Tank Mounted Vent Breathers With the BR Series for Mobile and Stationary Hydraulic Applications

CHANHASSEN, MN, USA … To ensure the safe operation of hydraulic systems, lubricants and hydraulic oils must be protected from unwanted particles. With hydraulic and lubricating oil filters from Eaton, operators are able to protect their machinery and maximize its operating potential through long service-life. Tank mounted filtration solutions are now complemented by the BR210 Dirt-Gate™ and BR110 H2O-Gate™ vent breathers, expanding the functionality of the product range.

Both BR series filters boast high efficiencies and minimal pressure drop, effectively removing abrasive particles from the air before they can enter the hydraulic tank. This protects the hydraulic system from external contamination and significantly extends the fluid life.

With the BR110 H2O-Gate vent breather, Eaton introduces an additional variant that further expands the functions of the product range. “While it remains in the tank, hydraulic oil degasses, releasing oil particles into the air,” explains Simone Ortner, Engineering Manager of Eaton’s Filtration Division. These particles may pose a health risk and also pose a safety risk in hazardous environments (Ex zones). “The BR110 vent breather helps mitigate these risks,” Ortner continues. “Because of its unique ability to breathe, the BR110 not only protects the hydraulic oil from contamination, the filter also inhibits oil particles from escaping into the environment.” Additionally, the BR110 vent breather ensures that no moisture enters the tank, minimizing condensation and optimizing hydraulic oil performance through continuous air exchange.

Eaton’s BR series of vent breathers feature a durable plastic housing that protects the filter media from external influences. The filters are temperature resistant up to 250°F (121°C) and offer a nominal output of up to 25 CFM (708 l/min). A visual mechanical indicator actuates when the filter capacity is exhausted or the media has become clogged.

From heavy commercial vehicles to agriculture, and across various mobile applications in industries such as chemicals and oil and gas, Eaton’s BR series filters are used to protect machinery and equipment from corrosion and wear. With the BR110 vent breather, operators now meet the most demanding requirements for air quality while optimizing the performance of their hydraulic fluids.

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Eaton’s BR series of vent breathers protect hydraulic systems from airborne contaminants. The BR110 H2O-Gate vent breather additionally reduces the moisture in the hydraulic tank and inhibits hydraulic fluid particles from escaping into the ambient air.

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