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Eaton Expands Xcel Motors with XL4 and XL6

Power management company Eaton expanded its Xcel series of low-speed, high-torque motors with the XL4 and XL6 options.

Featuring Eaton’s Geroler design, the new XL4 and XL6 motor options expand available torque ratings for the Xcel series up to 1898 Nm (16,800 in.lb.) and include an internal three-zone architecture for high, low, and case pressure, resulting in less wasted energy and lower operating temperatures.

Many applications require a mix of motors for different performance and functions. The Xcel series of motors are designed for systems with medium-duty cycles such as salt and sand spinners, street cleaner brushes, combine reel drives, and stake-down motors.

Xcel series low-speed, high-torque spool and disc valve motors offer options for shafts, ports, mounts, and displacements to simplify and shorten the design process.

For more information, visit www.eaton.com.

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