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MP Filtri Introduces Particle Counter

MP Filtri’s new Wi-Fi-enabled ICM 4.0 particle counter ensures complete visibility of contamination in hydraulic and diesel systems.

The ICM 4.0 features a reliable in-built Wi-Fi hub, enabling users to track the performance and contamination levels of every machine they operate in real-time. Results are automatically uploaded and can be monitored via a variety of feedback channels, including a new mobile app, the user’s own cloud systems, a secure web browser, and sophisticated software suites created especially for the ICM 4.0 by MP Filtri to analyse both individual machine performance and the up-to-moment state of contamination for an entire facility.

Featuring innovative LED optical and photodiode technology providing complete eight-channel measurement, the new ICM 4.0 delivers a comprehensive and continuous fluid health check, while its predictive maintenance technology safeguards machinery, enhances productivity, and reduces costs and unplanned downtime.

The ICM 4.0 is accurate to 1/2 code for 4, 6, 14μm(c) with contamination data measured and displayed in International Standard formats ISO 4406:2017, NAS 1638, and AS 4059E. The ICM 4.0 can automatically measure and display moisture and temperature levels in specific fluids. It can be mounted directly where ongoing measurement or analysis is required and where space and costs are limited.

For more information, call (215) 529-1300 or visit www.mpfiltriusa.com.

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