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HKS Offers Rotary Actuator for Offshore Applications

HKS, a global manufacturer of hydraulic rotary actuators, recently released its new SA-H3 rotary actuator.

The actuator has a compact design and, due to its lightweight construction, consists of very few parts, making it ideal for ship, pipeline, and drilling-rig applications, where narrow spaces with little room are typical.

With a sliding bearing instead of a ball bearing, the actuator is also more economical. It requires only a small hydraulic unit, an advantage over electric drives that are hardly suitable for applications that are underwater and where there is a risk of explosion. Thanks to its modular design, the SA-H3 rotary actuator offers the option to attach various valves or a position indicator.

The SA-H3 rotary actuator is adapted specifically for customer requirements, regardless of the existing interfaces, flanges, or standards. This also applies for special fittings and starting at a quantity of 1. This way, each actuator is unique. HKS has an in-house design team of thoroughly specialized experts who can implement any customer request perfectly.

The actuator can be adapted for international standards, including material and other specific conditions, such as explosion protection.

For more information, visit www.hks-partner.com.

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