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Festo Introduces Analytic Solutions for Rockwell PLCs

Festo recently introduced innovations for Rockwell Automation PLCs that seamlessly acquire data from Festo pneumatic valves and actuators.

The solutions help OEMs, system integrators, and end users reduce costs, shorten time to market, and improve operational performance.

FactoryTalk Edge Gateway

Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk Edge Gateway connects operational technology to informational technology. FTEG tools scan the EtherNet/IP network to discover devices. With the Festo CPX-FB36 bus node now recognized by FTEG, basic diagnostic information from smart pneumatic devices such as Festo valve terminals and energy saving pneumatic devices are easily accessible. Festo is one of the first third-party suppliers to support FTEG and to seamlessly bring digitized pneumatic information under the Rockwell IIoT umbrella.

Where the Festo E2M smart energy monitoring and control module is integrated into the pneumatic system, FTEG has access to flow, pressure, and air consumption values.

FactoryTalk Smart Object

The Rockwell FactoryTalk Smart Object has emerged as a new, simplified way to organize data for easy collection by the controller and subsequent transfer to IIoT systems. When working on a project for the first time with FTSO, base code does not have to be written, which saves time and reduces the potential for error. Instead, the FTSO Config Tool creates the base code for the tags the user selects to be included in data models.

Festo has developed add-on instructions that for FTSO that access time stamp values for the extension and retraction of pneumatic cylinders. Extension and retraction information is useful for understanding trends and detecting anomalies in cylinder motion that can affect performance and quality. This information is accessible to FTEG. FTEG, FTSO.

Festo Automation Experience

Data collected by FTEG can be shared with Festo Automation Experience software, the new AI solution from Festo that can improve machine utilization and quality, lower waste, and ensure energy optimization. This is especially useful with Festo AX standard pneumatic packages. Festo AX provides a bridge between advanced analytics arising from operational technology, such as that collected by FTEG, and IT-based business intelligence. Festo AX gives companies a tool to be more competitive and sustainable. It also provides original equipment manufacturers with a point of differentiation for their machines and systems. Festo AX can run directly on the system (on-edge), on servers (on-premises), or in the cloud.

For more information, visit www.festo.us.

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