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Grants for Educator Training Available

Grants for Educator Training Available

IFPS recently announced a grant program for educators to take their first certification test for free. Educators already certified through IFPS can use the grant for certification testing or for an Instructor Training Workshop to become an Accredited Instructor or Job Performance Proctor. High school, tech school, career center, college, and university educators can apply with proof of employment. 

Applicants must be IFPS members. Applications must be received six weeks before the workshop or certification test. Educators are eligible for a free certification test (initial or retake) or a free ITW registration fee. Additional proctor fees may apply. Costs for study manuals, books, educational materials, and travel are not covered. Grants are issued via coupon code after the applicant’s employment is confirmed.

For more information, visit www.ifps.org/certification-grant-for-educators-2.

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