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High Pressure Releases Controller System for Hydrostatic Testing

High Pressure Equipment Company, a subsidiary of Graco, recently introduced new triple-pump models for its PT2020 automated pressure-testing controller system for air-driven high-pressure hydraulic pumps. 

The triple-pump PT2020 controller is designed to provide automated pressure control for a wide range of hydrostatic testing, including test benches that utilize three different pumps for specific operations in their pressure testing. Operators simply set up their test, press start, and walk away. The PT2020 controller automatically runs the test, gives a pass/fail reading, and generates a test report. The plug and play PT2020 controller is an easy-to-use upgrade for any existing manual pneumatic intensifier pump.

The new triple-pump PT2020 controller addresses a need for hydrostatic test benches that use multiple pumps for specific functions. To maximize efficiency and prolong the service life of high-pressure hydraulic pumps, test benches often run two or three pumps to conduct their testing. 

The PT2020 controller controls a wide range of pressure tests in addition to the three-pump controller test. Manual pressure tests allow the operator to simply select a target pressure and ratio of pump, and the controller regulates the air volume sent to the pump and completes the test. Precision ramp tests facilitate a pressure test to control the pressure rise at a precise rate, such as increasing pressure at 500 psi per second. Pressure cycle tests provide an automated life-cycle test, running multiple pressure cycles from low to high pressure to establish life expectancy.

The PT2020 controller allows companies to predefine and store up to 100 unique pressure tests, and the controller will give an automated pass/fail for each test. The system provides FTP functionality to allow a PC to pull files from the controller as downloadable reports to provide documentation of test results.

The PT2020 comes in five pressure ratings: 10,000 psi, 25,000 psi, 40,000 psi, 60,000 psi, and 75,000 psi. The PT2020 controller features an intuitive touch-screen interface, making test setup fast and easy. 

For more information, visit www.HighPressure.com.

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