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Hyflow Controls Announces Partnership with Vibo

Hyflow Controls Inc, a global supplier of professional hydraulic parts has announced a strategic partnership with Vibo Hydraulics, an enterprise specialized in hydraulic power units.

Vibo Hydraulics is rated one of the top three Original Equipment Manufacturers in China. With over 14 years of experience, Vibo Hydraulics is a leading enterprise in power units, manifolds, and gear pumps. .Vibo Hydraulic’s 118,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is equipped with a vast range of machines, equipment and testing areas.  All product designs go through extensive laboratory and field testing which assures that all products are built and perform to the highest standard. Vibo Hydraulics is ISO certified (ISO9001) meeting all relevant requirements.

Hyflow Controls is a global supplier of professional hydraulic parts specifically used to service the mobile truck, construction, agricultural, oil and gas industries. “Our team is excited about our new partnership with Vibo,” said Xin Ding, President of Hyflow Controls Inc. “This partnership will enable Hyflow Controls to deliver new products that will help our customers become more competitive in the industry.”

Hyflow Controls will support Vibo Hydraulics in launching a wide range of hydraulic power units in the United States, as well as providing customer care, stocking inventory, offering technical services and developing new products to fit the market.

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