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IFPS Upgrades Pneumatic Specialist Certification

The Upgraded Pneumatic Specialist (PS) Certification Study Manual has been released and is available by visiting www.ifps.org. The IFPS PS Certification is for those designing pneumatic systems and writing specifications, sizing and selecting components for mobile and industrial industries.

Candidates may register now for the PS certification test by visiting www.ifps.org; testing for the PS Certification begins in September, 2017. The three (3) hour written PS test contains 50 multiple choice questions.

“To keep pace with changing fluid power and motion control technologies, IFPS is committed to reviewing our Certification Study Manuals and Tests every five years by a panel of subject matter experts. All material is reviewed for relevance and current technical best practices and standards,” said Donna Pollander, ACA, Executive Director. “What the IFPS provides, in our newly updated PS Study Manual and Certification Test, is a highly developed, vendor-neutral, benchmarking tool to evaluate an individual’s fluid power competence, knowledge and skill set.” 

The Upgraded PS Study Manual contains four sections of tasks with outcomes as well as review questions and pre-test practice questions for the following domains:

  • Understand The Function Of Pneumatic Components In Circuits.
  • Analyze Loads And Motion.
  • Selecting Components For Pneumatic Systems.
  • Electropneumatic Control Systems.

A special thanks to the following volunteer subject matter experts and consultants who helped refine the upgraded HS Certification.

Tom Blansett, CFPAI, Consultant
Rich Bullers, CFPPS, SMC Corp of America
Dan Helgerson, CFPAI, Consultant
Jon Jensen, CFPAI, SMC Corp of America
John Martin, CFPPS, SMC Corp of America
Sam Skelton, CFPAI, Festo Corporation
Neil Skoog, CFPAI, ERHCO, INC.
Jimmy Simpson, CFPAI, Nusim Associates
Ernie Parker, CFPAI, retired
Donna Pollander, ACA, IFPS
Elizabeth Rehfus, CFPE Consultant
Brian Szuch, CFPAI, Gestamp Mason
Tim White, CFPAI, The Boeing Company

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