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IFPS Updates PS Test and Study Manual

IFPS has announced upgrades to the pneumatic specialist certification test and study manual. 

The PS upgrades reflect the knowledge and skills needed by today’s pneumatic specialists and aligns more closely with standardized pneumatics. Members may download the upgraded study manual free. 

Updates to the certification study manual and test include:

• The supply side of the manual and test have been scaled back. The Compressed Air & Gas Institute has a supply-side certification that the board of directors suggests you apply for if you want to focus on this aspect of pneumatics. For more information, visit www.cagi.org/personnel-certification/.

• Streamlined equation formulas and text describe how to compute complex formulas for easier calculation.

• Complex topics are reworded for easier comprehension, with additional examples and enhanced graphics to support the material.

There are several ways to prepare for the PS certification test. Visit www.ifps.org/
pneumatic-specialist-3 to access these training resources:

• Online PS study manual pretests 

• Pneumatic interactive training modules 

• Recorded web seminar Outcome presentations

• Pneumatic animated circuits for a visual understanding of schematics

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