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IFPS Releases Math Training Modules

A recent study found that more than 68% of participants cited a lack of confidence as the biggest stumbling block to a student’s ability to succeed in math. If math is a stumbling block for you, or if you are preparing to take a certification test, this online at-your-own-pace training module transforms the IFPS math book into an interactive learning tool! 

Dan Helgerson, CFPAI, will teach fundamental fluid power math skills and build on that foundation to explain the calculation of more complicated formulas. Each section includes step-by-step video instructions on how to solve complex fluid power math problems.


1. Welcome to the Fluid Power Math Workshop

2. Understanding the Order of Operations – PEMDAS

3. Units used in IFPS Fluid Power Math Equations

4. Math Basics

5. Circles

6. Various Math Equations

7. Fluid Power Formulae 

8. Calculating, Volumetric, Mechanical and Overall Efficiency

9. How to Size and Select a Fluid Power Cylinder

10. Calculating Fluid Velocity

11. Detailed Explanation and the Importance Triangles in Fluid Power

12. Understanding Reaction Forces

13. Jib Boom Calculations

14. Understanding Toggles

15. Misc. Reservoir Equations

16. Understanding Compressed Air

17. Coefficient of Velocity

18. Sizing Accumulators

19. Coefficient of Friction

20. Understanding Cartridge Elements

21. Electric Formulae – Ohm’s

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