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Kaeser Dryer Line Promises Better Dew Point Control

Kaeser’s expanded SECOTEC refrigerated dryer line features the SECOPACK LS with latent thermal heat storage for higher energy efficiency and better dew point control in a smaller footprint.

The new TF series, with four models from 550 to 1130 scfm, promises energy efficiency under varying load conditions. SECOPACK LS contains a phase-changing material (PCM) that stores thermal energy as it cycles from a solid to a liquid state, greatly enhancing energy efficiency. The PCM module is 98% denser than conventional storage media. This, combined with topside air exhaust, creates a smaller overall footprint for the dryer.

TG dryers also feature a variable-speed radial fan design that improves cooling and enables ducting and heat recovery. A dedicated fan in the electrical cabinet and optional water-cooling allow operation in high heat environments without loss of drying capacity. The SIGMA CONTROL SMART microprocessor controls the thermal storage process and provides both a remote on/off control capability and optional Ethernet interface so TF units can be easily integrated into plant operations and IIoT environments.

For more information, call (877) 417-3527 or visit https://us.kaeser.com/.

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