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Bucher Hydraulics Releases New Design CFS-Flat Valve

Bucher Hydraulics recently introduced a newly designed excavator pipe-rupture valve, CFS-flat, an extension of the CFS-building block.

The excavator pipe-rupture valve can be used where required by ISO 8643, EN 474, and DIN 24093 standards for excavators with a lifting device, such as a load hook on the bucket. The actuators concerned are the lift cylinders, the stick cylinders, and the adjusting cylinders. The valve can also be used on machines in which a pipe rupture on the actuators could produce a dangerous situation, for example, machines for materials handling and demolition.

Bucher Hydraulics developed the excavator pipe-rupture valve to prevent uncontrolled lowering of the actuator in the event of a pipe or hose rupture. The CFS valve holds the actuator in its position when the main valve is centered. The valve also includes a secondary pressure-relief function, which protects the actuator against overload. The inlet and actuator ports on the CFS are standard SAE flanged ports, and the valve can be retrofitted to existing equipment without difficulty.

For more information, visit www.bucherhydraulics.com.

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