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Steering Controls and Hydraulic Orbital Motors

Young Powertech, Inc. is now supplying steering controls and hydraulic orbital motors for steering and net applications on boats up and down the Chesapeake Bay. The motors used are the YMPH spool valve distribution type with the following characteristics: displacement: [in/rev] [2.18~24.41]; maximum operation pressure: 2,400 psi; speed range: 30~879 rpm; and maximum output power: [HP] [27]. The hydraulic steering control unit (SCU) series 101-1, 2, 3 has a compact structure. Its mounting data is in line with the international standard. The series is widely used in the steering control system of low-speed vehicles, such as forklifts, tractors, combine harvesters, construction machinery, road-building machinery, marine rudders, etc. It can obtain more output steering force by inputting less force with smooth, flexible, and reliable operation.

Young Powertech, Inc., www.youngpowertech.com

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