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Leybold Announces New Vacuum Pumps for Varied Applications

Leybold recently released two new vacuum pumps, one for industrial applications and one made for the laboratory.

ECODRY 25 and 35 plus pumps

The new ECODRY 25 and 35 plus pumps are made for research facilities where low noise and compact design are required. The pumps can achieve high pumping speeds with relatively little footprint, and a chamber can be evacuated more quickly for a lower ultimate pressure. The pumps produce a noise level of 52 dB(A), below the level of a normal conversation. They emit neither oil vapor nor particles, important where a clean working environment is essential. The pumps have a maintenance interval of five years, during which time they run without servicing.

Equipped with an integrated pump controller, they are suitable for all voltage ranges. Customers also have the option of connecting a pressure gauge directly to the vacuum pump. The pumps also emit less heat.

The pumps have connections for easy integration into external control systems and for reading data from other systems. Interfaces include USB, RS485, and the new intuitive LEYASSIST software.


For rough industrial applications, Leybold recently introduced the dry rough vacuum CLAWVAC pump. Besides food processing, packaging, and environmental technology applications, it is suitable for drying and sterilization processes. The pump, which is offered in three pumping-speed classes, is designed for continuous operation at every working pressure. The pump’s special design avoids oil coming into contact with pumped gases.

Self-supporting construction makes the vacuum generator easily accessible for easier cleaning. The modular pump design allows a quickly dismantling, opening and cleaning of the pump essentials as the pumping chamber and the silencer. Except for a 20,000-hour oil-and-lip-seal replacement, no further regular maintenance is required. 

Rotors are made of stainless steel and a corrosion-resistant coated vacuum chamber. The rotors can be removed without having to readjust the synchronization. 

Multiple-pump system

Leybold also offers a new multiple-pump system as a plug-and-play solution for packaging plants, pneumatic conveying lines, or clamping devices of CNC machines. Depending on the required flow rate, the systems contain two to four CLAWVAC pumps in one housing. 

One pump is speed-controlled, which allows the exact adjustment of the generated vacuum. The intelligent control activates or disactivates the other fixed-speed pumps based on the vacuum need. This speed control reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions. 

With the multiple-pump system, the components are under one acoustic enclosure. The robust housing protects the pumps and reduces noise and heat output. Leybold offers these space-saving systems with pumping speeds between 604 and 1144 m3/h. As with the individual claw pumps, the system also allows ultimate pressure up to 140 mbar absolute.

For further information, visit www.leybold.com/en/.

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