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Membership and Certification FAQs

What is the difference between renewing my membership and renewing my certification?

A.Membership and certification are two different entities. When you renew your membership, you are not renewing your certification. Recertification requires an online application. Membership is not mandatory, but it is highly encouraged.

I took my certification test. Why do I need to recertify?

A. Because technology changes all the time, IFPS wants to make sure you stay up to date with industry information. You wouldn’t want your doctor to operate or make a diagnosis if they weren’t current in their field, would you? Therefore, the Fluid Power Certification Board requires ongoing experience, education, and training in the fluid power industry. The recertification process works on a system of professional development points. There are many ways to earn points:
• Work in the fluid power field a minimum of three years
• IFPS membership
• Participate in fluid power committees or subcommittees
• Participate in other fluid power organizations, such as FPDA, NFPA, NAHAD, SAE, CFPA, and others
• Hold a volunteer position in a fluid power organization
• Attend industry-related meetings
• Attend vendor workshops, seminars, webinars, or in-house training
• Present at a vendor workshop, seminar, webinar, or in-house training
• Earn or teach industry-related college credits

How do I recertify?

A.Submit a recertification application at www.ifps.org.

What if I forget to recertify?

A. Certifications must be renewed after
five years. IFPS sends reminders in emails, letters, and postcards. It is your responsibility to submit required paperwork by the deadline. To check your certification, email info@ifps.org or log into www.ifps.org and check your profile. If you do not submit the paperwork by the expiration date, you may be required to retake the certification test, and you can no longer use the certification designation after your name.

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