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If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, How Many Words is an “Animated” Picture Worth?

Visually seeing a circuit perform along with a description of operation can increase the comprehension of a particular component’s operation and its function within the circuit.

These animated presentations can be used by:

  • Instructors to assist in Hydraulic Specialist (HS) Certification review training
  • Individuals to enhance their preparation to take the HS Certification test
  • Anyone to help them understand circuit operations

A Bit of Background

The circuit schematics found in the IFPS HS Certification Study Manual are designed to illustrate an operational or theoretical hydraulic system showing the interaction of components to achieve a desired output.

The HS Certification Study Manual is not designed as a teaching document, but rather a means of reviewing or reinforcing concepts to a certification test candidate and cannot possibly cover every application of a component within a hydraulic circuit. Subject matter experts developed the circuits in the Study Manual that are intended to represent a specific application or the use of a component within a circuit to illustrate the typical usage. These have been placed in the Study Manual to facilitate a review of their operation and function.

In This Package

  • Color-coded animated mp4 files of each circuit operation using ANSI recognized color designations. Each circuit shows the sequence of operations within the hydraulic circuit as well as the flow paths during operation.
  • Key bullet points for each circuit from the HS Certification Study Manual to assist in the understanding of the components’ function and interaction within the circuit.

Cost: $99 for 29 animated hydraulic circuits. Visit www.ifps.org to order.

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