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Miniature 10-32 Compression Fitting for Use with 1/32″ OD Tubing

The Beswick MCB-32 is designed with a two-piece ferrule and a 10-32 UNF thread along with the Beswick captured o-ring face seal. The Beswick captured o-ring face seal provides a leak-tight connection between the 10-32 UNF thread and the mating component. Typical tubing choices include 1/32 inch OD stainless steel and PEEK tubing.

The MCB-32 is manufactured in corrosion-resistant 303 stainless steel. The MCB-32 can be used in applications that require low dead-volume and leak-tight connections void of contaminates. The MCB-32 is rated to withstand working pressures of up to 3,000 psig (207 bar).

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