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Selected AVAC Products Now Available Under Piab Brand

In August 2022, Piab acquired AVAC, adding innovative products for sealed applications to their automation components business. After months of preparation, a selection of AVAC’s product assortment, which includes some of the company’s most trusted bestsellers, is now available under the Piab brand.

The new sub-range includes the Multi-Functional Ejector (MFE), a compact, stackable design with integrated controls such as on/off valve, blow-off, vacuum safety valve, and energy-saving function. Ideal for dust-intensive processes and sealed applications, the MFE is configurable and can be customized to fit most needs.

Also included is the Booster-Release Ejector (BRE), designed for ultra-high-speed pick and place applications. With the right designated robot, the BRE can generate several lifts per second, handling high-speed sorting and high-volume processes within any industrial sector.

The third addition is the Multi-Circuit Ejector (MCE), an air-driven single-stage ejector with multiple independent vacuum circuits. Ideal for applications such as in-and-out feeds of metal forming machines, the MCE ensures that vacuum is securely maintained in all channels regardless of the number of cups in direct contact with the lifted object.

In addition to the new pumps, three new vacuum sensors will be introduced: F08-K, a compact vacuum switch with IO-Link interface; F09-T-K, a compact analog vacuum sensor designed for cramped spaces; and PICO-02, suitable for both centralized and decentralized vacuum ejectors, featuring IO-Link interface and digital display.

All of the above ejectors and sensors are now accessible on the Piab website.

For more information
Mike Tuohey, Marketing Activation Manager, Americas
(800) 321 7422 mike.tuohey@piab.com

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