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New piCOBOT® plug & play configuration for FANUC CRX cobots

Piab continues the journey to make our foremost cobot tool family available to all end users. We now offer piCOBOT® and piCOBOT®L in completely FANUC CRX adapted versions. Plug & Play in every aspect.

Hingham, MA – Piab’s clever end-of-arm-tool piCOBOT® has so far had almost a decade of prosperity on the market for cobot equipment. Parts of the success relate to the unit itself – its compact yet user-friendly design and unparalleled precision.

And of course, its capacity. Despite its limited weight, only 1.5 lbs [720 g], this EOAT is able to lift objects of up to 15.4 ;bs [7kg]. In 2022, the success was followed by the even more powerful model piCOBOT®L, with a lifting capacity of up to 135 lbs [6 kg]. 

Since their respective premieres, piCOBOT® and piCOBOT®L have been suited to fit several different cobot manufacturers specifically, one of which being FANUC – partner from some previous adaptations. 

“Following our certified piCOBOT® and piCOBOT®L adaptations for FANUC’s CR4/CR7 and LR Mate 200 robots, it was natural to apply the same matched setup on their CRX range. And it’s exactly where we have landed today – true plug and play!”,says Madeleine Sheikh, product manager of Piab Vacuum Automation division. 

The new Fanuc CRX configuration is a full package including a software plug-in, mechanical interface, specified cabling and compressed-air hosing, which as a whole will support safe and easy-to-use cobot interaction for the end customer. Naturally, when it comes to Piab solutions, the setup is accompanied by our ever-expanding range of suction cups and accessories, ensuring tailor-made applications for any context. 

“Our fresh piCOBOT® and piCOBOT®L packages are fully tested, approved and certified by FANUC as CRX devices and will be sold as such”, concludes Madeleine Sheikh. 

Apart from being cobot equipment marketed by FANUC, piCOBOT® and piCOBOT®L are available on piab.com, fully configurable with the CRX package as a complement to previous adaptations.  

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