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Ogura Releases Torque Sensor for Robotics

Ogura has developed a new tension-detection technology for the robotics and automation industries. The DQH torque sensor measures deflection due to load in a rotational direction and delivers electrical output from the sensor.

Torque sensors are implemented in a wide range of applications and mechanisms but most commonly on grippers for cobots. Some applications include pick and place, assembly, insertion, polishing, finishing, machine tending, and testing.

The devices enable reactionary responses to improve quality, limit load, reduce scrap, increase safety, and lower total cost. They are lightweight and small and produce no wear since the deflection detection mechanism is a noncontact type. A mechanical stopper is used for overload protection. The series currently covers a torque range up to 12Nm with accuracy of +/-2% max, full scale at 23C +/-3C.

Ogura produces electromagnetic clutches and brakes, and also magnet particle, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and a variety of specialty products.

For more information, visit www.ogura-clutch.com.


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