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Outgoing IFPS Board President Offers Thanks for a Challenging Year in Office

By Jeff Kenney, CFPIHM, CFPMHM, CFPMHT, IFPS Board of Directors President

As I near the end of my year as president, I find myself reflecting on the world around us. COVID-19 was not here when I took over as president. However, it was something Executive Director Donna Pollander, the staff at IFPS headquarters, and I had to deal with. As with all of you, there was a lot of uncertainty and fear among us.

Like all of you and your companies, we accepted the challenge. We adapted and made plans to keep business moving forward. We were all in a place we have never been before, and there is no playbook for this type of pandemic. I’ll bet that changes moving forward.

What I can tell you is that no matter what happens in life, it seems to all come down to relationships and people. People are always our most valuable asset, and the relationships we build with them define who we are in life.

The relationships I developed while serving as a board member for IFPS over the last 12 years have grown into professional and personal respect for each member I have served with. Not once when I called on my fellow board members for advice, counsel, or to do more work have they not answered the call. During COVID-19 they have risen to the task and helped keep IFPS moving forward, especially headquarters.

So as I close out my tenure as president, I want to sincerely say thank you to all the board members, the staff at headquarters, and all of our members for rising to this challenge and keeping us on the course of moving forward.

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