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Improve your Marketability with the IFPS

gwynNot long ago I found myself looking for a career change within the fluid power industry, and it was at that time I truly realized the value of my involvement within the IFPS and the certifications I have earned. Without question, it helped me land a great new position because my new employer appreciates that the initials “IFPS” also stand for professionalism within the industry.

Furthermore, as an applicant looking for a new opportunity, it was great to see my potential employer marketing itself as a supporter of the IFPS and all of its programs, including education, certification, and most important, safety. Working within the hydraulics industry has the potential to expose us all to dangerous situations, so knowing I was joining a company committed to the safety of its employees and customers was certainly important to me.

Once on board, I quickly came to realize that my new employer was also committed to supporting existing employees in their development by offering membership, certifications, and various other programs offered by the IFPS. The net result of this commitment is that it makes the organization a top industry player.

More recently, we decided as a company to take our involvement in the IFPS and certification even further by facilitating Connector and Conductor (C&C) Job Performance Tests for our business operators so that they may market themselves as IFPS certified within the industry and to customers. We are proud to be experts in on-site hydraulic hose replacement, and therefore, we believe in holding ourselves to a higher standard by becoming C&C certified.

It is important to note that the IFPS offers certifications that cover just about every function within the fluid power industry, including mechanics, technicians, and specialists within both the hydraulics and pneumatics industries. There truly is something for everyone, including an opportunity to earn a certification that is recognized both nationally and internationally.

I am sure most, if not all, involved in the fluid power industry would agree that fluid power is more complex and has the potential to be more hazardous than the automotive, plumbing, or electrical industries. To a certain extent, fluid power requires us to be familiar with all of these industries. These industries are heavily regulated with certifications and licensing requirements. To a degree, we are an industry that is self-regulated, and for that reason, it is incumbent upon us to support programs like IFPS certification to ensure that we remain safe and maintain a high level of professionalism in the industry.

So, whether you are looking to improve the marketability of yourself as an individual, the organization you represent, or the business you own, the IFPS can help in many ways, including education, certification, networking, or even this journal, which is the official publication of the IFPS.

Gwyn O’Kane, CFPAI, CFPAJPP, CFPAJPPCC, CFPCC, CFPIHM, CFPMHM, CFHPMM, CFPMMH, CFPPM is business development manager at RYCO 24•7. He can be reached at gwyn.okane@ryco.us.

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