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Parker Launches Axis Control System for Hydraulic Controls

Parker Hannifin recently announced the launch of two components – the Parker Automation Controller PAC120 and the electrohydraulic controller module PACHC – that together offer an innovative solution for the automation of fast and precise hydraulic processes.

The compact PLC PAC120 can be combined with several PACHC controller modules to enable the position and force/pressure control of up to 40 hydraulic axes. In combination with the comprehensive hydraulic valve range from Parker, tailored and demanding controls can be realized from a single source.

The new PAC120 controller can be easily adapted via CODESYS V3 to its respective application. An SD card slot and a USB interface enable the local storage of process data and the exchange of control programs. Depending on the variant, ProfiNet IO/IRT, OPC UA, Modubus TCP, Ethernet/IP, and EtherCAT are supported for machine-to-machine data exchange. Additional communication channels can be opened by using interface and bus modules, which facilitate the integration into existing control concepts.

The integrated development environment CODESYS for programming logic, IO, web visualization, and motion shortens the time needed for the application development. Another advantage is the web-based graphic user interface. If required, all important information is available at a glance, including control applications details, data logging, or memory status.

The new PACHC controller module allows precise position, force, and pressure controls as well as change-over controls. It provides a high-dynamic sampling rate of 250 µs for extremely fast cycle times. The PACHC is connected to local analogue sensors, like pressure and force sensors and digital position feedback systems, for recording actual values. Hydraulic valves can be controlled via the analogue outputs. Preconfigured software templates, which reduce the programming efforts and shorten commissioning time, are available as free downloads from the Parker website.

With additional modules besides the PACHC, the PAC120 automation controller can be optimally adjusted to various applications or even take over the complete control. For this purpose, Parker offers the PACIO system with a variety of digital and analogue I/O modules. Together with Parker’s high-performance valves, the system solution is ideal for the precise execution of complex automation tasks, for example, in presses and die casting machines.

For more information, visit https://ph.parker.com/gb/en/parker-automation-controller-series-pac120 and https://ph.parker.com/gb/en/electrohydraulic-control-module-series-pachc.


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