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Peninsular Cylinder Company voted #1 in Annual Michigan Manufacturing Association “Coolest Thing Made in Michigan” Competition

ROSEVILLE, MI – Peninsular Cylinder in Roseville is honored and pleased to announce that the company was voted #1 in the 2nd annual Michigan Manufacturing Association’s “Coolest Thing made In Michigan” competition.

This annual competition is open to all Michigan manufacturing companies. Each company submits a product at the Michigan Manufacturing Association website for viewing and judging. From there, association members can vote via social media. Peninsular Cylinder placed in the top ten and then voted the 2019 winner.

Peninsular Cylinder, a division of Avis Industrial Corporation, a diversified and privately owned corporation with multiple subsidiaries that manufacture a broad range of products, beat out many well established Michigan companies.

Started in 1948, Peninsular Cylinder makes standard NFPA and ISO compliant pneumatic and hydraulic actuators that are used in many industries. The company has a large engineering department that handles custom cylinders to meet application specifications, as well as a cylinder repair department that handles all makes and models of cylinders.

“With our unique product design we thought we might have a chance at winning,” says Bud Haver, President of Peninsular. “We were excited to find out that we were one of the top ten finalists and absolutely thrilled to learn that we won. Of our numerous products produced, the booster that won this award had many years of development and design features that make it unique and worthy of this award.”

The unique innovation of the custom booster cylinder is that it provides for real world accelerated product testing for the components design verfification process. The design allowed for 3700 PSI input of hydraulic fluid and generated 11,000 PSI output to allow for high cycle accelerated product testing. This intensifier is also electronically position controlled with a linear position sensor and a servo control valve, both integrally mounted in the cylinder. A complete package that uniquely carries out the test parameters and records the results.

“This win affords us a new opportunity to market specific design features to other manufacturers that could benefit from the aspects of the innovations we have utilized. Telling the story of the success will go a long way in terms of Peninsular’s brand recognition and gaining the confidence in a broader range of markets that we participate in. The honor to have the title for “The Coolest Thing Made in Michigan” in 2019 confirms our credibility as an innovative cylinder manufacturer and is a boost for all of our employees who can be proud of their skill set, and contributions.”

For more information visit https://www.peninsularcylinders.com

Custom Booster Cylinder Manufactured for FTI Machine Worx








In the photo from left to right are: Chadwick Conte, Senior Marketing Strategist at Peninsular Cylinder Company, Chuck Hadden, MMA President and CEO, and Bud Haver, President of Peninsular Cylinder Company.


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