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Piab Vacuum Tool Configurable for Any Cobot

Piab recently announced that its vacuum-operated end-of-arm-tool piCOBOT can now be configured to work with any collaborative robot and smaller industrial robots.

The tool is available with a generic electrical interface as well as several options for mechanical mounting plate dimensions in accordance with the ISO 9409-1 standard. By offering generic compatibility for piCOBOT, Piab is answering calls from several manufacturers of cobots wishing to use the company’s unique vacuum end-of-arm-tool (EOAT) in collaboration with their cobots. Originally certified to work with cobots from Universal Robots, piCOBOT now extends its reach into the cobot market offering a high degree of configurability.

Through a user-friendly online configuration tool, Piab customers can choose between a generic electrical interface including a standard cable or one specified by Universal Robots. Customers are also able to choose various mechanical interfaces, configuring tools that precisely meet their specific requirements and applications. Offering plug-and-play extensions to cobots, piCOBOT ensures safe and effective human-robot interaction. Featuring Piab’s proprietary and highly efficient COAX vacuum technology, piCOBOT comprises a vacuum pump unit and a gripper unit fitted with suction cups. Piab’s extensive range of suction cups enables customers to tailor their own solutions.

Providing optimal payload capacity for the cobot, piCOBOT, including the gripper, weighs only 1.59 pounds. Despite its minimal weight, Piab’s EOAT can lift objects weighing up to 15.4 pounds. A compact format and low build height of 2.72 inches also allow piCOBOT to be used in space-restricted areas. Designed for maximum flexibility and reach, piCOBOT is 3.82-5.59 inches wide, and its gripper arm is tiltable to ± 15 degrees.

For more information, visit www.piab.com.



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