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Predict a Profitable Future with IFPS Certification

IFPS Certification Challenge

The best way to predict your future is to create it!  – Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln’s simple, yet very powerful statement reinforces the fact that it is up to each of us – whether an employee or employer – to create opportunities that will influence a predictable path to our desired future.

For some, the vision is to advance careers within a company; others are envisioning a successful business. Whatever the path is to our dream – owning a home, putting kids through college, traveling the world – we all have the ability to create that dream.

Pirtek feat

PIRTEK USA has over 50 team members certified in Connector and Conductor (CC) and now has some members completing mechanic-level certifications. Back row, left to right: Wesley Brandt, CC; Matthew Kemper, CC; Richard Evans, CC; Michael Metcalf, CC/AJPPC; Brenda King, CC; Jamie Vokes, CC. Front row, left to right: Granville Dutlinger, CC/MHM; Gwyn O’Kane, AI/AJPP/AJPPCC/CC/MHM/IHM/PM/MM; Derek Olson, CC. 

Catalyst for Success 

The International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) is a catalyst for success for those of us who have chosen a career or business in the fluid power industry. One of the great tools of the organization that works to enhance the quality of certifications, educational opportunities, and technology evolution within the fluid power and motion control industry is its fluid power certification program. At PIRTEK, IFPS certification has become integral in the way we conduct business.

Owners of our mobile-based hose and fitting replacement franchises encourage and support their technicians in the certification process. By working to achieve certification requirements, PIRTEK technicians become even better in their areas of expertise, minimizing equipment downtime by manufacturing replacement hydraulic hose assemblies at customer jobsites.

IFPS certification validates our performance, giving PIRTEK a competitive edge in the industry. It instills pride among our technicians. It promotes on-the-job safety that is of utmost importance to our technicians, as well as to PIRTEK and our customers.

Long List of Benefits 

There are many more reasons to become IFPS certified. It enables you to do the following:

Choose Your Certification – IFPS offers nine certifications that cover just about every function within the fluid power industry. The Fluid Power Connector and Conductor certification is for individuals who work with hose and fittings on a regular basis or for fluid power designers who want a better understanding of hose assemblies and how they function in hydraulic systems. Certifications for mechanics, technicians, and specialists prove their mastery of fluid power systems. The IFPS also offers certifications for those who work strictly with pneumatics and for those who specialize in hydraulics.

Earn Recognition – IFPS certification is widely known among employers, customers, and fluid power industry workers across the nation. Since it requires a dedicated effort, certification speaks volumes about an individual’s ability to perform as an outstanding service/product supplier.

Enhance Your Technical Ability – Preparing for IFPS certifications requires studying industry standards and fluid power theory and applying that knowledge to real-world systems. In doing so, you are almost guaranteed to learn new skills that will make you better at what you do.

Increase Customer Confidence  – Just as it is important to hire only licensed contractors to do work around our homes, IFPS certification gives customers confidence that they are hiring the most competent people to work on their equipment and projects.

Promote Your Qualifications – The IFPS encourages individuals to leverage their certifications and market their skills by touting certifications on business cards and email signatures, wearing the IFPS logo on their shirts, and publicizing certifications on trade counter posters. Sell your customers on the fact that you are IFPS certified!

Increase Your Safety – Fluid power accidents are often extremely severe and have the potential to result in loss of limbs or even life.  All IFPS certifications focus on improving safety awareness and eliminating accidents through proper safety procedures.

Invest in Yourself – Fees for IFPS examinations are very reasonable. Most of the cost for certification is incurred in the time it takes to prepare for the tests. Some companies cover exam costs for their employees, while others merit certified employees with a pay increase. These companies understand that investing in their employees will pay dividends in the form of priceless credibility and marketability, increasing their overall market shares.

Advance Your Career Adding IFPS certification to your resume will verify the fact that you are a marketable fluid power professional and will well position you for the next career opportunity within your existing place of employment or with a new employer.

Local Chapter Networking  

As a native of New Zealand, I am very proud of my relatively new U.S. citizenship and the fact that I am a part of this great nation that offers endless opportunities to advance. I am fortunate to be involved with the very active IFPS Chapter 49 in Central Florida, in which I have had the opportunity to meet and work with numerous fluid power professionals, many of whom have become friends.

In an effort to give back to the fluid power industry, our local chapter has provided fluid power training at local high schools, sponsored and donated over $18,000 to FIRST teams, and has recently begun to offer review courses and exams for various IFPS certifications.

IFPS and its certifications have opened doors and created opportunities that are enabling me to predict a better future for myself and for those I network with within the industry. Just like motor mechanics are required to be ASE certified, my hope is that someday IFPS certification will become a requirement for everyone working in the fluid power industry. In the long run, advancing fluid power education will enable our industry to attract and maintain very talented people.

About the author: Gwyn O’Kane is vice president of franchise development for PIRTEK USA and certification coordinator for IFPS Chapter 49 in Central Florida. For information on IFPS certification review courses and testing offered by Chapter 49, visit www.ifps.org and click on Membership/Chapters/Chapter 49/50. For details on the Fluid Power Connector and Conductor certification offered by PIRTEK, contact Gwyn O’Kane at (888) 774-7835, gokane@pirtekusa.com. 


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