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Propelling Fluid Power into the Future through Human Connection

By Andy Patel, Marketing Manager, Hercules Sealing Products

In regards to user engagement and social media, the fluid power industry is moving at a slower pace than other highly reputable industries. My point of view, however, is that the frontrunners of any industry should work toward understanding their audience and connecting with them through a variety of platforms, including social media and websites. Prioritizing digital property not only benefits a single organization, but also encourages growth and innovation for the entire field. And an industry-wide push towards prioritizing human connection via social media benefits everyone.

As an industry, we should look to examples such as the Fluid Power Journal and follow their lead in storytelling and connection-building. Storytelling is foundational to our humanity. Our legacies, lives and lessons are passed down by word-of-mouth, across cultures spanning generations. Every day we utilize stories in many ways – to recount our day, share our histories, entertain each other, and, I think most importantly, connect with other human beings.

The most successful businesses are those that can utilize storytelling to create a human connection. The first and most important rule? Simply, refrain from trying to sell, sell, sell. Resist placing focus on talking about your products or technology as the bulk of your interaction. In many regards, content marketing is like a first date. If you only talk about yourself, there won’t be a second one.

So the question becomes: What do I talk about? Placing the spotlight on individuals within your own organization is an amazing place to begin. Fluid power is a workhorse of the U.S. economy – a cross-cutting technology of choice for dozens of industries and hundreds of applications. We’re diverse and multifaceted, and we keep America operating. Showcasing the individuals who play a key role in the day-to-day business happenings will go a long way for increasing your own brand recognition, as well as that of the fluid power industry itself.

Another great topic? Talk about the impact your organization has on the community and give the everyday Jack & Jill an understanding of how we help move this nation. There are hundreds of other ways to create relevant content, some of which will and should deal with your individual product lines and services. Creating a fine balance is what will propel yourself and our industry forward.

Change can be difficult and present challenges, such as drawing a genuinely engaged audience, but it is time for fluid power to embrace social media and the digital movement. For years I’ve heard many industry professionals say, “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are just not for our industry.” This line of thinking is now out of date. Build your organization’s presence on social media platforms to better engage with the consumer of today (and tomorrow). We all have different experiences, assets, and capabilities. Use social media to convey that! Individually and collectively, it’s time for us as an industry to tell those stories, better engage with our customers, and propel ourselves forward.

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