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Passion for Pascal

Janis AdamsBy Janis Adams, Editor, Fluid Power Journal.

The history of hydraulics has a long, winding and illustrious flow, as I am coming to understand in my new position as Editor of the Fluid Power Journal. As an editor, writer, author and columnist I look forward to utilizing my talents within these pages.

First, however let me take you back to some time ago.

A return to my years of college and then grad school is where we find ourselves. Surprisingly, there is a particular standout in all of the classes, and the tutelage of which I was blessed to sit under. And, surprisingly it is not a journalism class. Instead, it is Physics. The only A+ I received during my tenure as a student was in Physics, which happened to be the class taken in my last semester as an undergrad student. 

How had I not before discovered the power and magic of a mathematical equation? 

It is this breed of equations, which are the foundation of which provided the pathway to Pascal’s Law — one of the governing influences in Fluid Power. 

Pascal's Principle

Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal
June 19, 1623 — August 19, 1662

Pascal’s Law states pressure applied anywhere in a confined incompressible fluid is transmitted equally in all directions throughout the fluid. A simple — yet, obviously complex — combination of gravity, pressure, fluid and how it is confined.

With the range of applications for Fluid Power multiplying, more and more venues are finding it to be an efficient and flexible energy option with substantial force transmission.

The Global Industry Analysis and Forecast (2022-2029) for the Fluid Power Equipment Market projects that the fluid Power Industry should reach a growth rate of USD 24.17 billion.

As I begin my tenure as editor of the Fluid Power Journal, with statistics proving that Fluid Power is a vital source of energy transfer, intuitively I ask myself, “Why isn’t everyone using Fluid Power?”

With that question raised, I am committed to guiding the Journal to an even more expansive and formidable presence in the industry. We, as the Fluid Power Journal, will continue to strive to be the most influential source of information in the industry. I, along with the incredible team I find myself on, plan that the Journal will provide even more information on technology, advancement, certification, training, and components of Fluid Power going forward.

We are all in agreement, there are huge opportunities for Fluid Power in the future. So, we pause to applaud the pioneering mathematician Blaise Pascal who we celebrate on Fluid Power Professionals’ Day, June 19th.

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