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Proportion-Air Launches Updated Website

Proportion-Air, the universal leader in proportional electro-pneumatic pressure and flow control, recently unveiled a new website at proportionair.com.

The new site merges all three of the company’s brands – Proportion-Air, Burling Valve and Protect-Air USA, into one convenient location online.

On-demand educational materials, updated drawings and animations for applications covering more than 20 industries, and an improved search function are some of the new features. Online purchase is available for select products, and more products will be available online soon.

Proportion-Air offers some of the most accurate, repeatable, customizable proportional electronic regulators and flow controllers on the market. The Burling Valve brand of industrial process regulators features both direct-acting and dome-loaded pressure reducing, back pressure and differential products. Protect-Air USA is a line of miniature regulators for safer operation of pneumatic tools and compressed air systems. Together, the three brands provide a wide variety of solutions for many pneumatic applications.

Visit the updated site at proportionair.com. To speak with Proportion-Air’s knowledgeable team about pneumatic applications requiring accuracy, repeatability and customization, email info@proportionair.com, or call 888-200-9564.

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