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Revolutionary New Oil Dehydrator Technology from Top Filter Provider

Schroeder Industries Introduces North American Vacuum Dehydrator 30 GPM (Water, Gas, & Solid Removal)

Schroeder Industries, a recognized leader in fluid filtration and condition monitoring introduces the Schroeder 30 gpm North American Vacuum Dehydrator (NAV) Unit.

With the price of oil fluctuating, the increased cost of used oil disposal, and the pressure to maintain a 100% planned up-time schedule, the only effective solution is to maintain the fluid at the highest purity levels, and by doing so, extend the fluid service life. This is especially critical in large reservoirs where the high price of replacing today’s synthetic oils can quickly out cost a return on investment from fluid conditioning, which in many facilities, is often less than 6 months.

The North American Vacuum Dehydrator (NAV) from Schroeder Industries employs a highly reliable claw foot vacuum pump to remove 100% of free and over 90% of dissolved water and dissolved gas from oil. In addition to water and gas removal, the NAV also removes solid contaminants with filtration ranges from 1-40 micron standard options.

Where our smaller units (Triton-A and Triton-E) cover flow volumes from 1.5 to 22 gpm, the NAV provides us with a solution for conditioning fluids in a majority of the large hydraulic systems.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Customer Service at 1-800-722-4810, or email sisales@schroederindustries.com.

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