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Schroeder Kit Simplifies Fluid Condition Monitoring

Schroeder Industries, a manufacturer of liquid filtration products, recently introduced plug-and-play Condition Monitoring Starter Kits for real-time fluid condition monitoring.

Contaminated hydraulic fluid is a leading cause for system downtime. Schroeder’s new Condition Monitoring Starter Kits provide the technology, necessary cables, hoses, and wires in a single purchase.

The kits offer a line of top-tier sensors to catch less-than-ideal hydraulic fluid before it enters the system. Knowing that fluid sensors are a relatively new technology to some and anything IoT-related can be overwhelming, Schroeder developed the starter kits, which allow operations managers to start monitoring their hydraulic equipment.

The Condition Monitoring Starter Kits come in four sets: Local Data Display, IoT, HY-TRAX IoT, and CSM-Economy.

For more information, call 800-722-4810, email sisales@schroederindustries.com, or visit https://schroederindustries.com/.

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