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Schroeder Launches Backflushing AutoFilt Filter

Schroeder Industries, a provider of fluid conditioning and filtering solutions, recently launched its Backflushing AutoFilt RF14 filter, a new product that uses uninterrupted automatic self-cleaning technology.

The RF14 is made to be a self-cleaning system for extracting particles from low viscosity fluids. Contaminants as small as 10µm will be filtered out of the fluid through slotted or Schroeder’s Delta Mesh Basket Filters.

Applications in steel mills filtering grimy, oily cooling water are common, as are those in the automotive, food and beverage, and plastics industries. Mining operations use this type of filter for removing solids from tailings. They are also found on deep-sea oil platforms for filtering flood water and on ships before desalination systems and ballast systems.

The RF14’s robust construction and automatic backflushing capability make a major contribution to operational reliability and reduced operating and maintenance costs. The slotted or SuperMesh baskets in the filter with filtration rates from 10 μm to 100 μm ensure highly effective filtration of contaminating particles from the process medium.

Automatic cleaning starts as soon as the elements become contaminated. The flow of filtrate is not interrupted during the backflushing procedure. A range of filters of different sizes allow flow rates of up to 15,400 gpm. Numerous combinations of materials and equipment as well as individually adjustable control parameters allow optimum adaptation of the filter to any application.

A backflushing cycle is complete once the basket element has been cleaned. The filter continues to filter, and forward flow is not impeded by backwash cycle.

 The special configuration of the filter basket elements allows even flow, resulting in low pressure drops and complete cleaning of the elements. The advantage: fewer backflushing cycles and reduced loss of backflushing fluid.

 With pulse-aided back-flushing on the control types EPT and PT, the filter basket to be backflushed remains in the flushing position for only a few seconds. Rapid opening of the pneumatic backflushing valve generates a pressure surge in the filter nozzle openings, providing an additional cleaning effect to the backflushing process as it cleans the basket as it rotates around the basket area.

 Due to cyclic control, the backflushing valve opens and closes during backflushing. The filter, which produces particularly good flow rates, is of a compact construction with high filtration performance and low pressure drops. The RF14 will use less than 0.5% of the forward flow for backwash.

The fluid to be filtered flows through the slotted filter basket element of the backflushing filter, passing from the inside to the outside. Contamination particles then collect on the smooth inside of the filter basket elements. As the level of contamination increases, the differential pressure between the contaminated and clean sides of the filter increases. When the differential pressure reaches its preset value, backflushing starts automatically.

 Backflushing is triggered automatically when the triggering differential pressure is exceeded. Backflushing can also be started by an adjustable timer (optional) and by pressing the test key. As soon as backflushing has been triggered, the filter starts to clean the filter basket.

For more information, call (800) 722-4810, email sisales@schroederindustries.com, or visit www.schroederindustries.com.






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