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Self-paced Online Training

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Each online course delivers a broad-based understanding of the most important fluid power subject matter concepts. Courses begin with the basics: physics laws, systems basics and design, basic analysis, and basic components, then demonstrates how these systems apply to our industry and how they work and interact with each other.

Each online training course features approximately 12-16 hours of trade-specific e-training filled with simulations, assessments, quizzes, tests, learning labs, and more. Completion of the online training courses does not constitute IFPS Certification; however, after completion of the course, you may be better prepared to take an IFPS certification test.

Online courses offered:

  • Mobile Hydraulics Course*
  • Industrial Hydraulics Course **
  • Industrial Mechanical Course *
  • Mobile Electrical Course *
  • Industrial Pneumatics Course *
  • Industrial Electrical Course *
  • Electrical Theory *
  • AC/DC Motors and Drives *
  • Diesel Engines *
  • PLC Fundamentals +

*available in metric, ** available in metric, Spanish, and Spanish (metric), + available in Spanish

Visit Training/Resources at www.ifps.org.

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