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Students Earn Dual-Study Degree While Working at RHEINTACHO

RHEINTACHO, a manufacturer of sensors, hand-held measuring devices, rotary encoders, and switching devices, is helping college students gain a head start on their industry careers.

RHEINTACHO works with Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Lörrach, Germany, to assist students in earning a dual-study degree in business administration. The program began in 2018.

RHEINTACHO helps train industrial clerks and mechanics in the dual-study program. The company offers apprenticeships, which students undertake while working on their dual-study degrees.

Caroline Bierer has worked as a personnel officer at RHEINTACHO for two years. She supervises the commercial students RHEINTACHO trains in conjunction with the university.

“We continue to rely on these apprenticeships,” Bierer said in a company news release. “RHEINTACHO is also faced with the challenges of securing young professionals and managers. For this reason, we want to attract young specialists and managers at an early stage and retain them in the long term. The [dual-study] degree offers us the ideal opportunity to achieve this goal.”

Bierer’s own experience helps her manage the program for the company.

“I studied business administration,” she said. “When I came to RHEINTACHO in January 2018, the decision was quickly made to offer this course for the first time at RHEINTACHO. From my own experience, I know what conditions need to be created, how the practical phases are to be structured, and how the [dual-study] student is best integrated into the company.

“We decided to offer the industrial business administration course, as it is very broad, and the students get an insight into all business areas of the company,” she said. “You work in day-to-day business from day one and take on the first small projects.”

The company works with one student at a time.

“Integrating a [dual-study] student into company processes involves a high level of support,” Bierer said. “In order to meet the requirements for us as a company and to ensure a smooth course of study, we decided to offer only one study place.

“As the [dual-study] degree has so far proven to be very positive for both RHEINTACHO and our students, we would like to continue offering the business administration industry course in the future.”

For more information, visit www.rheintacho.com.

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