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Suction–Return Filter “2 in 1“


Combined solution for excellent cold start performance

In tractors with a mixed resp. common oil circuit for transmission and power hydraulics, a suction filter is usually used to protect the pump and a return filter to ensure the oil cleanliness. In order to protect the system during a cold start, a coarse safety screen is often also installed in the suction line. The disadvantage of this design is that the two filters in the suction line have a negative effect on the cold start performance. In addition, the use of at least two filters results in high cost for the first fit as well as the spare parts costs. By combining suction filter and return filter in one housing, the “2in1” filter from ARGO-HYTOS can improve the situation described above.

Oil coming from the working hydraulics flows through the return filter element (1) and is directly supplied to the pumps. If the working hydraulic system feeds less oil into the return line than the pumps need to supply, the pumps draws the amount of oil needed from the tank via the suction filter element (4). The protective screen (3) prevents coarse particles from entering the system when the bypass (2) is open.

The housing of the new “2in1“filter is equipped with the Quick-Connect system. This allows quick and easy installation of the hoses to the filter housing.

The customer can choose from more than 20 different connectors with different sizes and shapes.

This innovative filter concept is particularly suitable for hydraulic circuits such as those in small and medium-sized tractors.




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