Fluid Power Journal

Improving Wind Turbine Reliability

The Importance of Reducing Stress and Improving Uptime in a Difficult-to-Maintain System Given that maintenance for wind turbines involves the replacement of …

When to Replace a Pump

A frequent question in fluid power is “When should I replace my pump?” The answer is “It depends.” It depends on a multitude of factors, conditions, …

Pressure Effects on Seal Performance

Standard shaft seals or rotary shaft seals are typically found in low-speed or low-pressure environments. As the speed of the shaft increases, the maximum …

Troubleshooting: Science or Black Art?

The increasing complexity of today’s hydraulic equipment means there is a lot to know about proactive maintenance to achieve optimum reliability. It’s my …

Hoists Facilitate Crane Repairs on Offshore Platform

When the diesel engine of a deck crane failed, it caused major handling problems for an offshore platform operating in the Dutch sector of the southern North …

Which Hydraulic Fluid?

Most hydraulic systems will operate satisfactorily using a variety of fluids. These include multigrade engine oil, automatic transmission fluid, and more …

Key to Surviving Hydraulic Failure

Seal failure is inevitable, and seals are 99% less likely to be on the inspection list. If seals are in an inspection program, then it has been determined that …

How to Keep Oil Dry and Clean in Challenging Environments

For several dozen years, subsea hydraulic systems have relied on air springs to serve as self-contained volume compensators. Now the same technology that …

Repairing Hydraulic Servo Valves in Seismic Vibrator Trucks

Seismic vibrator trucks (aka “thumper trucks”) send shockwaves deep into the earth’s subsurface to locate untapped hydrocarbon reserves for the oil and …

High-Pressure Washdown Pneumatic Valves Improve Machine Performance

Manufacturers around the world rely on automation systems to rapidly produce quality products on a daily basis. These automation systems need reliable, …



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