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“Those Who Can, Do. Those Who Can Do More, Volunteer.”


When I was asked to write the Notable Words column for this issue of the Journal, I sat awhile trying to determine on which subject I should write. That lead me to reflect on the 12 years I have been working with IFPS and how grateful I am, not just for the career opportunity, but also for the people I’ve met along the way—people I’ve worked with on a daily basis and people I’ve met just once. I wrote the following in April in honor of Volunteer Recognition Month, and I would like to share it here:

For anyone who has volunteered to make IFPS the wonderful organization it is today, Thank You! A wise person once said: “Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer.” And for those of you, I write…

I know that for you, volunteering is an “add on” to the many other things that you do, including your career, your family, other service opportunities, and your social life. I appreciate that you are always willing to help me whenever I call. I sincerely hope that I’ve always expressed how valuable your time and input have been to me. Thank you for taking my calls, talking me back from ledges, and helping me brainstorm solutions. Thank you for taking the time to govern our organization professionally.

Thank you for understanding that on any given day, I am juggling a multitude of things – projects, staff, facility issues, other board members, membership and certification issues, and whatever is going on in my personal life. Thank you for bringing your passion, intellect, insight, experience, and resources to the table. Thank you for teaching me, counseling me, and holding me accountable. Thank you for giving me the tools to serve our members and to lead our organization in a way that positively impacts the fluid power industry.

Thank you for always backing me up, for developing practical policies and procedures, and for sticking to them; it makes my job and the staff’s job infinitely easier!

A special thank you to a special few – and you know who you are – who individually and collectively have impacted my life in ways I cannot express. To each of you, and to the dozens of other volunteers with whom I have had the privilege to serve, thank you. Thank you for your service, your loyalty, your integrity, your leadership, and your guidance.

Thank you for understanding that for me, next to my family, my job as IFPS executive director is my life, my passion, and what I consider to be my fifth child. It is my privilege and my honor to be at the helm of this organization.

I am the leader I am today, and the Society is what it is today, because of the support and guidance you have given.  Because of all the wonderful people who have volunteered throughout the years, the future is bright for the IFPS. We are always looking for ways to improve the organization, and I encourage anyone who might be considering the opportunity to get involved to do so. Perhaps you are a future leader of IFPS!


Donna Pollander, ACA
IFPS Executive Director

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