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UNIFLEX Launches Machines to Cut Hose

UNIFLEX-Hydraulik, based in Frankfurt, Germany, recently launched two new machines for cutting industrial hose.

The EMI 150 model can cut hoses up to 6 inches in diameter, while the EMI 200 cuts hoses with diameters up to 8 inches. With their compact dimensions of 1,140 x 1,000 mm (44.9 x 40 inches) and 1,620 x 1,070 mm (63.77 x 42.1 inches) and their robust design, they can be used in both small and large production workshops.

The machines are equipped with casters, making them mobile. They can be easily moved to the workpiece, so heavy hoses do not have to be carried around the shop. Since the cutting platform is only 550 mm (21.6 inches) high, inserting even heavy hoses is effortless and saves time. Both units feature the specially coated, long-life TM-C cutting blade, which significantly reduces effort and wear during cutting.

As with all its cutting machines, UNIFLEX uses a special cutting motor with a larger shaft than conventional motors, double bearings, and high torque in the EMI 150 and EMI 200. The design of the motors allows the blade to be installed close to the bearings. This reduces vibration, cutting waste and energy consumption, while improving cutting quality, cutting time, and blade life. All machines are CE-compliant with a brake to reduce the risk of accidents.

For more information, visit www.uniflex-hydraulics.com/.

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