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Have You Used Your New IFPS Member Benefit Yet? 

Honest Savings

Among the many blessings having a 3-year-old grandson brings, one that comes to mind is the pure joy on his face when he’s discovering something new. And that something new was a trip to Disney. I discovered something new too. A trip to Disney from New Jersey is expensive!! The flights, the hotel, the entrance fees all add up quickly. I did a lot of research looking for the best deal, and guess what? The new IFPS New Member Benefit Program had the highest discounts. I was able to save over $200 ($219 to be exact.) I kid-you-not!

 As Rocky Phoenix, IFPS Vice President Membership, said, “The savings alone pays for your 1-year membership.” If you’re an IFPS member and haven’t used our new program, I suggest you check it out. I saved money and you can too.

— Donna Pollander, ACA, Executive Director

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