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Versatile QB3 meets pressure needs in higher flow situations

Manufacturing experts seeking precise pressure regulation for high-flow applications need look no further than the Proportion-Air QB3 proportional electro-pneumatic pressure regulator—a single device engineered for accuracy and customizable for an application’s specific needs.

The QB3 pressure control valve is a complete electronic pressure regulating package consisting of a pilot unit with two solenoid valves, closed loop electronic controls and an internal volume booster. The internal pressure transducer monitors the output pressure for closed loop control and provides a monitor signal representing active pressure. The analog monitor signal is constantly compared against the command signal to achieve a desired set pressure. This compact package can be mounted in almost any orientation (exception: only vertical with full scale pressures below 10 PSI) and is nearly immune to the rigors of the industrial environment.

The QB3 boasts accuracy of 0.5%, regulating pressures up to 150 PSIG or equivalent. The device will accommodate flow rates up to 30 SCFM. Users can improve space efficiency by manifold mounting the QB3 electronic pressure regulator on a high-density space saving manifold.  All models of QB3 control valve may be manifold mounted, including vacuum control, vacuum through positive pressure, absolute pressure, and standard gauge pressure models.

This versatile unit can be modified in numerous ways to meet the most demanding applications. Options include customizable pressure ranges, manifold materials, command and monitor signals and more. Nearly any pressure unit of measure can be specified, including psi, bar and inches of water column, among many others.

For more information on the QB3 and other accurate, repeatable and customizable electro-pneumatic pressure and flow control products, visit proportionair.com.

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