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Are You Ready for the Change?

Huh? What do you mean, am I ready for the change? Well, it’s coming in some form or another, whether you are ready or not. You see, it has always been this way and will continue for all time, although today’s change comes at a much-accelerated pace versus yesterday’s rate.

What changes am I talking about? Well, for starters, your job—your company closes, your company or department moves off shore, or your way of doing things via your technology changes. Perhaps that long-used pump, valve, or gadget is no longer made or available, etc. This could go on forever, but I need to ask the question again: Are you ready for the change?

That is the key issue here, because in the end, it is all going to fall back to YOU being ready, willing, and able to handle what is without question going to happen to each and every one of us: change.

As this new year commences, I suggest you make a formal resolution with yourself. This is the year you change. It is your own personal responsibility. Don’t wait for the hammer to fall.

A fantastic way to start this process is to get certified. Show the world your skill-set levels, and set yourself apart from the competition. It does make a difference when you go for that next job or that next pay raise. The IFPS can get you certified in many wide and growing classifications. In this issue, you will see what these areas are: pneumatics, hydraulics, technicians, mechanics, and many more.

This is a resolution you can keep. These certifications go with you as accomplishments to be recognized by all. Change can and should be your friend because through change you have new opportunities. Embrace it, as all great leaders do. Get certified for 2013 and beyond!

Happy New Year!

By Mark Perry, CFPHS, Fitzsimmons Hydraulics, Inc., and 2013 IFPS President

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